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I had a very weird experience the night of my session. During the night I felt as if I was choking and from deep in my throat heavy bubbles wanted to be released. I would try coughing it out but it was very difficult to clear my throat. Life has really turned around since our meeting; the most amazing synchronicities have come about.


Thank you so much for your help. I really enjoyed the experience and will highly recommend your services to all of my friends.




NOTE:  The type of experience Allison had does not always happen and is not dangerous.  It is simply the energy moving and clearning within the body following intense energy healing.

My experience with Carla was Life-Changing. Being able to visit my past lives, and connect with my higher-self has opened a world of enlightenment. She has an extensive knowledge of the metaphysical, and always approaches each session with care & compassion allowing you to be very relaxed.

I have already highly recommended her to friends, and will continue to do so. Anyone looking to continue on their path of spirituality should meet with her.





WOW!  What a great experience.  I wanted to have a session with Dolores Cannon but she is booked for the next 10 years and suggested I make an appointment with one of her dedicated practictioners.  I had a gut feeling to choose Carla and I'm so glad I did. She's very compassionate and took a great deal of time with me prior to the hypnosis to be sure she knew exactly what I was looking for.  She had great suggestions on how to expand on the thoughts of  what I came to her for so I could get the very most out of my session.  I got everything I was looking for and more.  Thank you Carla for helping me so much!!




This is a comment made by Elizabeth who came in to do inner child work.  She did not have a good relationship with her biological dad but had a wonderful relationship with her step dad who passed away many years ago.  During her QHHT session she went to the other side and met many people who had passed over including her step dad.  She wrote me following the session with this comment.


“Something I realized after I got home.  I told you I never felt love from my real dad and when my step dad was hugging me (during the QHHT session) he was healing my inner child.  He infused that love of a father right in me!  I never realized she was hurt mostly from just not having a loving dad.  Wow!


Thanks again, Carla”



"I Just wanted to let you know that I feel more amazing than I did before the QHHT session!  Yesterday was rough but understandable. (Lauren received a lot of healing during the session and was tired the day following treatment).  Today I have more clarity of the direction I want to take my life.  And I feel even more connected to my Higher Self.  I understand who I am more and I feel cleansed of "emotional baggage."  Thank you Carla!"



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