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Myself speaking with Dolores Cannon


I am very excited that you are considering a QHHT or BQH session.  Since 2013 I have had the honor of facilitating QHHT sessions to such a wide variety of clients and I'm excited to now offer Beyond Quantum Healing.  These sessions are always an exciting adventure.  I never know what to expect, except to expect the unexpected!

My background is in Psychology.  I have an undergraduate degree from Northeastern University  and a graduate degree from Assumption College. I worked for many years with Harvard Medical School in their research lab looking at the brain chemistry of schizophrenic patients and subsequently worked on anti-psychoitic medication studies for the VA Medical Center.  I also worked as a substance abuse counselor at a methadone clinic located in Fall River, Massachusetts.

I am so blessed that my QHHT training, both levels 1 and 2, were completed in person with Dolores.  I am so very grateful to have met her and to have trained directly under her. I also have been trained in hypnosis at the Omni School of Hypnosis located in Deland, Florida as well as being a Reiki Master since 2010.

I look forward to meeting you and facilitating your QHHT or BQH session.  As I have learned over the years, your session will be very unique and chosen for you by your Higher Self and is always what you need to continue on your path at your highest possible level.


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