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Please be sure to drink plenty of water.  It will help you to energetically release physical and emotional toxins that are ready to move from your emotional, etheric and physical bodies.

Occasionally clients may have physical changes or experiences.  These may show up in many different ways.  Some clients feel nauseated, dizzy or may feel aches or pains of some sort.  This is your body adjusting to the new energy you are now in.  It is nothing to be alarmed about.  Drink plenty of water, treat these symptoms with love and know they are there helping you to expand.  Any physical discomfort from QHHT/BQH will dissipate in a fairly short period of time.  Additionally, know that if you get no symptoms your session is just as valuable as if you got physical symptoms. Please note, however, that if you feel you need medical attention, seek it.    

Have a question you forgot to ask or want clarification, Dolores found that for 3 days following your session you will have a more open door to your Higher Self.  This is a great opportunity for you as you may have additional questions regarding your session.  You can ask a question and then let it go.  At a time where you are not expecting it, you will receive the answer.  Another way of doing this is to ask the question prior to going to sleep at night using the statement "I will know the answer in the morning."

I am always interested in client's experiences following a session.  If you have any questions, concerns,  need to process your session or want to share  your experiences, please don't hesitate to call me.  I'd love to hear from you!


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