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The single most important thing for you to do to prepare for your session is to relax.  Worry and anticipation (of both positive and negative outcomes) are clear signs of the ego being in control.  When you find yourself in that space, Stop... step back and recognize that your Higher Self already knows what you need.  Do not concern yourself with any specific outcomes.  This is your Higher Self's job.  Your job is to open up, step back and receive the truth your Higher Self has already prepared for you.  So let each time you find yourself in anticipation/worry be a signal for you to stop, let that go and take a few moments (with your hand on your heart, if that is comfortable for you) to just be grateful for the perfect information your Higher Self has already prepared for your session.  Below is a beautiful prayer written by Tosha Silver that will help your allign with this energy:

Write a list of questions or ideas of what you'd like to achieve to bring with you, we will go over these in depth during your session. 



PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN RECORDING DEVICE.  You can download a recording app to your phone.   There are a number to choose from.


Get a good nights sleep the night before and no alcohol or recreational drugs for 24 hours prior to the session.  

Drink coffee in the am if you are used to doing so, but no more than one cup as it is a stimulant and will interfere with the hypnosis state.  

I usually start sessions at 1 pm.  Eat a light meal prior to your session.

Both QHHT & BQH sessions are in two parts and are booked on subsequent days.  The first session will be a "getting to know each other" as we discuss what you'd like to achieve during the session. On the next day we will do the hypnosis. Be sure your time is flexible as to when the session will end, clearing your calendar so you do not have agenda items on your mind during your session.  This will enable you to focus on you and to get the very most out of your session. 

​​If possible take a walk in nature or other relaxing activity prior to the session.  And remember, all is well, your session will go along brilliantly!

May everything that is ready to open, open

May everything that is ready to leave, leave

I welcome the highest to occur

Let me surrender and allow You to be my source for all

Let me step back, breath, relax and let You lead

I am safe, I am peaceful

All needs are abundantly met


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