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Dolores Cannon

Author, Researcher, QHHT Developer


Dolores was an pioneer who developed QHHT and authored 17 books before she passed away in late 2014.  If you haven't had the opportunity to to read her books, I highly recommend them.  My personal favorite is "They Walked with Jesus".  All of her books are available at


To connect  to Dolores' website, click here

Matt Kahn

Spiritual Teacher, Impath, Author


Matt is way beyond any spiritual teacher out there that I am aware of. You've simply got to experience him to understand.  He has lots of YouTubes to watch most of which are over 1 hour.  I have to admit, though, I didn't like him at first.  His name kept coming up so I gave him another chance.  I've never looked back.  


To connect with TrueDivineNature click here


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