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How to Prepare for your Session

  1. The session takes 3 - 5 hours.  Please allow enough time in your schedule.

  2. Write down and bring the goals you wish to achieve as well as any questions you may have for your Higher Consciousness to answer. This is your opportunity to find out all kinds of stuff.

  3. Do not drink alcohol or take other recreational drugs the night of or day of your session.

  4. Do not drink caffeine for several hours prior to the session.

  5. Wear comfortable clothing

  6. The single most important way to prepare is to set your intention for your healing.  "I am" statements are the most powerful statements one can make.  Say out loud, if possible, with complete conviction the following statements.  Use these statements several times per day.  If at any time you find yourself having any doubts about any of the process of your QHHT session, immediately replace them with one or more of these statements.  It is best to repeact each one 3 or more times.


* I Am the powerful connection I have with my Higher Self.

* I Am the complete healing I receive during my QHHT session.

* I Am the surrender to the hypnotic suggestions I receive during      my QHHT session.















I know these statements sound a bit strange.  I belive that as you work with these statements you will begin to feel how powerful they are.  I can't emphasize enough how important it is for you to say these statements often.  Your results will be a complete reflection on your thinking and intention.  If you walk into the session thinking, "I hope this works" or "I hope I will be able to enter hypnosis" you haven't set a clear intention that you will be successful  and you won't receive the full results QHHT has to offer. 


If you work with the "I am" statements and they just don't resonate with you change them to "I have a powerful connection with my higher self",  "I receive complete healing during my QHHT session," and "I surrender to the hypnotic suggestions I receive during my QHHT session".

Digital Recording

Following your session, I will provide you a digital recording.  It is important for you to listen to this recording about 20 times following your session.  This allows for your mind to accept the changes to take place.  Without listening to this tape, often times the changes will not be permanent.


Your information will remain completely confidential and will not be shared without written consent.

Set your intention by saying to yourself often,

"I Am the powerful connection I have with my Higher Self"


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