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Advanced Integrative Therapy



Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) was developed by Asha Clinton, PhD, MSW.  It is an indepth energy psychology that is based on the premise that all one's traumas are locked not only in the mind, but also in the physical body. During traditional talk therapy, many insights may be discovered but the memory of the trauma continues to be held in the body.  Until that trauma is released from the body itself, it will play an active role in one's life at a subconscious level.  AIT is highly effective and designed to gently and permanently release these traumas from the body, allowing one to live a balanced and productive lifestyle.


How AIT Works


A very basic explanation is that you and I will work together to find out what the original trauma was that triggered your present symptoms.  To do this we will use Kinesiological muscle testing (MT), which will be our guide throughout treatment. It is through MT that we reach your Core Being.  This is the part of you knows everything about you and knows what is the most loving and gentle way to heal you.   As guided by your Core Being through MT, we will also use simple energy healing where you will put your hands on 13 different energy centers on your body while repeating appropriate statements to assist in releasing the stuck energy.  We will also work with introducing positive statements through simple exercises you will do at home.  This will fill up the space you create when releasing the trauma that has been stuck in your body. 

AIT Works For All Types of Trauma


I want to reassure you that your psychological difficulities are not your fault!  They are the manifestations of traumas you experienced earlier in your life.  Unable to resolve the trauma they were filed away with the hope that they would go away.   AIT is very effective at uncovering these buried past experiences.  It will gently and permanently release them.  AIT works for simple as well as more complex issues including:









This is a short list of issues AIT is effective on as everything that is not working in your life has a core in some type of trauma.  I offer free consultations to answer questions for you and to determine together if AIT is appropriate for you.


For more information on AIT click here










  • Fear/Anxiety Disorders

  • Grief and Bereavement

  • Financial Insecurities

  • Intimacy and Relationship Issues

  • Self Hate and Self Destructive Behavior

  • Post Traumatic Events

To read case studies of AIT click here


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