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The state of hypnosis is something you experience every day of your life.   A very light state occurs when you are driving down the expressway, daydreaming and suddenly you realize you've passed your exit or can't believe you are already at your destination.   The deepest state of hypnosis,  the somambulistic state that is used for QHHT, is the very relaxing state you are in just before falling asleep or just before waking in the morning.   So hypnosis is a very natural state of being and there is abslutely nothing mysterious about it.




What is Hypnosis?

I don't think I can be put under hypnosis.

Of course you can!  You are hardwired to be able to do this.  As you just read, you do it every day of your life.  I have been trained to guide you to this powerful state of consciousness  so that you can use it to implement the changes in your life you desire.

What does a regression feel like?  How will I experience it?

While in the hypnosis state you will feel very relaxed.  You will not have the feeling of being "out of it" as if you're under anesthesia. Generally, people are aware of everything around them, although not focused on it.  The regression itself is experienced by everyone a little bit differently.  Some have  a visual experience and this is what most people  think it "should"  be, however not all people are visual and there are no "shoulds".  You may instead sense what is happening or hear what is happening.  No matter what your  experience, it is correct and valid.




What can I do to get the very most out of my session?

The single most import way to prepare is to set your intention for your healing.   An easy was to do this is to tell yourself often and especially as you are going to sleep each night prior to the session, "I have clear and direct communication with my higher consciousness."  You can add other things as well, ie "I enter the state of hypnosis easily" or "I receive the healing/information I am looking for from my QHHT session."  Turn any concern you are having into a positive affirmation.  Most people find this helps immensely with the process and the results they receive.  Keep the number of affirmations down to just a few as too many may decrease their effectiveness.

I have trauma that has happened in my current lifetime.  Can QHHT help me?

Absolutely!  It doesn't matter whether the issues you are working through began in this life or are connected to a past life, QHHT can help.  Remember, the session is being controlled by you and your higher self.  Your Higher Self knows everything that has happened to you in this and every lifetime and knows the best way for you to heal.  This part of you loves and cares for you more than you can ever imagine and is waiting for the opportunity to help you heal.




Can I bring my spouse or friend with me to the session?

The short answer is, No.  There is very good reason for this.  Your journey to a past life is very personal.  By having another person there, no matter how close they are to you, can have an affect on the session.  Let me explain, by having someone with you, during the interview you may hold back information that is pertanent to the session.  Additionally, you may have a more difficult time relaxing which will affect your ability to reach the level of hypnosis necessary to get the work done.   It would be unfair to you if I allowed another to come with you.  You will receive a digital recording of your session when you leave and you can share this with anyone you wish to.

Is there anyone that cannot utilize QHHT?

Almost everyone can.  The only limitations are people who have a severe brain disorder like Schizophrenia or Alzheimer's where their brain would be unable process the session.

Will I remember what happens during my session?

Some people do, some do not.  Everyone is different.  Most people do remember at least parts of the session.  It is very much like a dream.  At first you do remember, but then it begins to fade with time.  You will be given a digital recording following the  session so you can have a full account of everything that happened.

I've heard hypnotists can control people.

This is abosolutely not true.  People often get this idea from seeing a stage hypnotist.  These two types of hypnosis have completely different objectives.  The successful stage hypnotist will ask for volunteers from the audience.   He/she is very skilled at choosing people who will make the show successful.   These people are usually extroverts and want to be a part of the show.  Additionally, they don't want to disappoint anyone there so they are very open to the suggestions given.   A QHHT session is obviously done for clinical reasons.  During  your session you are in control and I am the facilitator trained  for you to have a safe, enjoyable and successful journey.


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